Benefits of Building a New Custom Home in Columbia, Mo with EnRich Construction

Benefits of Building a New Custom Home in Columbia, Mo with EnRich Construction


The process of buying a home is an exciting part of life, but it comes with a lot of big decisions. One choice you’ll have to make is whether to buy a previously owned home or build a new home. This is not only a financial decision, but an aesthetics and functionality one. In this blog, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of a custom home build so you can make the best choice for you and your family. EnRich Construction offers custom home building, residential construction and remodeling services in Columbia, Mo, so whether you’re starting from scratch or tackling a ‘fixer-upper’, we can help you out. Have questions? Give us a call, we’d love to talk to you about the services we offer.

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Get Complete Customization When You Build a New Custom Home in Columbia, Mo


One of the main advantages to a custom home build is the ability to customize every single detail, from flooring to layout to appliances. When you buy a previously owned home, there are some aspects you can alter, but a custom home build allows complete customization. From the bathroom to the kitchen, you’ll have a say in every detail in a custom home. Aspects to think about when it comes to customization include: layout, paint colors, flooring, cabinetry, and light fixtures just to name a few. Additionally, building a custom home can be incredibly helpful for families with members who need specific accommodations. When you custom build, you have a say in the layout of the home, which can be adapted to be more accessible. The home should be a place of comfort and ease for everyone, regardless of ability.

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Run an Energy Efficient Home with EnRich Construction’s Residential Construction in Columbia, Mo


In general, custom homes are more energy efficient than older homes. When you build a new home, you have the ability to use contemporary electrical methods and install energy efficient appliances. When you buy a preowned home, you only have so much control over the energy efficiency of the home. You can change some things to be more sustainable, but those updates are also generally more expensive than starting from scratch. Some may argue that it is more sustainable to update an existing home, but renovating an older home can create just as much waste, if not more, than a custom home.


Spend Less Money and Streamline Financing with a Custom Home in Columbia, Mo


Building a custom home may seem more expensive upfront, but with careful planning, you’ll actually save money in the long run. Pre-owned and older homes can be just as, if not more expensive than a custom built home. With a custom home, you can choose many of your expenses. You can choose whether you want to keep the builder’s carpeting or install something more luxurious. The same principle applies to appliances, countertops, lighting fixtures, security systems, and more. With pre-owned homes, you’re never sure what you’ll get when it comes to electrical, HVAC, and other systems. Additionally, if you don’t like the layout or cabinets, it’s up to you to get them removed and reinstalled, and depending on what you choose, this can be incredibly pricey.


Downsides of Building a Custom Home versus Purchasing a Preowned Home


There are some downsides to building a custom home. If you’re looking for a home with character and charm, a custom home build may not be for you. Custom homes are brand new, which is nice, but if you want one of a kind vintage details, you won’t get that in a brand new home. However, charm comes with a price. Not all preowned homes are up to modern standards when it comes to electricity or energy efficiency. Yes, a preowned home may be cheaper upfront, but depending on your vision for the space, you may be paying just as much for repairs and updates. Additionally, custom home builds can take longer than home renovations on an existing home. Naturally, there’s more paperwork involved in a custom home build, which can sometimes prolong the process. When it comes down to it, renovating a preowned home and building a new home are relatively similar in terms of price, amount of waste, and sustainability. It just depends on your preferences, and either way, EnRich Construction is here to help you create the home of your dreams! See our services page to learn more about the building and remodeling services we offer.


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