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Commercial Construction Services in Columbia, MO


Commercial Construction

At Enrich, we understand wanting the best for your business, as we ourselves are business owners. Part of building a good image for your business is having a quality commercial space to welcome both employees and customers, alike. Columbia is a growing city, and new businesses are continually popping up. We offer a wide range of services that showcase our high quality workmanship. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, hire Enrich Construction for all of your commercial construction needs.


Commercial Remodeling And Renovation Offered By Enrich Construction

Our construction team takes a full-service approach. Before we begin, we sit down with our customers and discuss their business plans. Open communication is extremely important and allows us to deliver on our promises. Meeting before construction begins gives us a clear idea of what exactly you want and what our options are to achieve your goals. Once the groundwork is laid out, the real work can begin.

Enrich Construction

Below is a list of services we provide as well as descriptions of what each entail:

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing by Enrich includes everything from small repairs to installing a new roof entirely. We have the ability to take on any size roofing project. We offer a wide variety of high quality roofing materials that will best suit your needs.

Flat Concrete Work

Concrete is an ideal choice for flatwork due to its sturdy and consistent nature. From driveways, walkways and parking lots, we can do it all. For a more customized look, we can stamp and stain your concrete to add personal touches.


Framing is an essential component in commercial construction as it determines the structural layout of your commercial space. We work closely with our clients to decide on a structure size and shape that will prove most efficient to you as well as your clients.

Custom Cabinetry And Woodwork

We value precision and quality when it comes to custom cabinetry and woodworking. Our services in this category include custom builds, finishes and installments.


We offer full service flooring opportunities for our customers. This means we help them pick out a flooring that works best for their commercial space, install it and see it through to perfection. We are qualified to install a wide variety of flooring and will offer our expertise to help you choose best option.


Tiling your space has many benefits, ranging from aesthetics to performance. We will help you pick the right tile option to best serve the needs of your commercial space.


This part of the process builds excitement because it adds characterization to your project as well as signal that your are nearing the end of your construction journey. We provide many options of paint, varying in color, benefits and price.


Drywall is an important step in protecting the structure of your commercial space. You can rely on us to correctly install drywall so it may best serve its purpose.

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Commercial Construction FAQ

This depends on the size of the project as well as the desired attention to detail. It varies from client to client, therefore there is no exact time frame. However, we will agree on a timeline that works for our clients once the expectations for the project have been discussed.
Absolutely! We work closely with our clients to learn about ways we can incorporate personal touches into their business space. If you are interested in customizing something, simply ask and we can get it done.
Prior to our first meeting, it would be beneficial be able to effectively communicate your vision for your commercial space. This information would include having a general idea of what you want your floorplan to include, a budget you are comfortable with, a realistic timeline as well as providing an idea of the overall look you want to achieve. Nothing needs to be fully decided upon, it simply helps us moving forward to have a clear picture of your expectations to ensure they are met.
Enrich Construction
Why Enrich Construction Is The Best Choice For A Commercial Construction Contractor

Enrich Construction places very high value on our craftsmanship. Our experienced workers provide outstanding results through their dedication to quality and the desire to achieve client satisfaction. Our business values as a construction company are strong as we value transparency and honesty while working through projects. We know and love the Columbia, Mo area and proudly serve it by building expertly crafted and trustworthy buildings to serve our community.

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