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Custom Home

Everyone has their own vision for a dream house that encompasses everything they see fit in order to call where they live a “home.” Why not turn this dream into a reality? Our family of Columbia, MO custom home builders at Enrich Construction has the ability to see your vision and build something extraordinary that accommodates your timeline and your budget. Choosing to go the custom home route is an exciting decision to make, as every project is unique. Our custom home process varies from client to client, however one thing remains the same: our results are consistently exceptional.


Enrich’s New Home Construction Process as a Design-Build Firm

Although our process varies depending on the client’s needs, there are basic services we provide for each project. Before we begin, we first meet with the client to discuss what their vision is for an Enrich custom home. As professional custom home builders in Columbia, MO, this is an important step in new home construction. This ensures we are on the same page with our clients before we begin laying the groundwork. Since we are a design-build firm, we can make sure the final product reflects the true desires of our clients, and walk them through each step in the custom home construction process.

Custom Home

Some of the options you can decide from when working with a design-build firm like Enrich are:

Concrete staining/stamping

Staining allows you to customize the color of your concrete to coordinate with the rest of your home exterior. Additionally, stamping adds a texture and extra personalization to the concrete. Decorative concrete allows the client to showcase their own taste as well as accentuate their exterior.


Our landscaping services are exceptional. We listen to our client’s wants and needs to bring them results that are sure to boost their home’s curb appeal.


Enrich offers a wide variety of materials for flooring. We will gladly help you choose the best flooring for every space in your custom home in order to compliment each room.


This is one of the most influential steps in building a new home. Your home’s frame is its structural makeup. It determines the size, shape and overall image of a building. This is where blueprints come in handy!


Masonry is another important element from an architectural standpoint. This is where the stonework is laid and fitted into your home’s structural makeup.


Siding helps keep your home concealed and protected from natural elements, especially throughout the changing seasons in Mid-Missouri.


Enrich builds exceptional roofs that provide safety and quality shelter for your home. We have a wide range of materials and design possibilities to build you the perfect roof.


Choosing a color for your house is an influential step which helps create an identity for your home. This is an exciting step in the process of custom home building as it allows you to express your personality and creativity.

Custom Cabinetry/Woodwork

Our professional home builders always strive for perfection. We have the right experience in woodworking to create any vision you have for cabinetry as well as the ability to successfully incorporate it into your home.

Custom Showers/Jetted Tubs

Enrich’s services for showers and bathtubs allows you to let your creativity run wild to create the perfect custom shower and bath. With our options for customized glass doors, tile walls, glass shelving, multiple jets and showerheads, and more, the opportunities are endless.

Kitchen/Bar Islands

Kitchens are an important mecca of community and gathering in a home. Let Enrich build you a perfect kitchen at the heart of your home. Our design options are limitless, all you have to do is choose a style and we do the rest!


Why Enrich Should be Your First Choice for New Home Construction

Enrich Construction has been in the custom home building business in Columbia, MO for over a decade. We see our projects through from start to finish and offer attentive customer service along the way. Our team of professionals will happily answer any of your concerns and questions in order to keep your custom home project running smoothly. Enrich Construction can accommodate a wide variety of custom home designs no matter how big, small, extravagant or simple. Our detailed approach allows us to meet any specifications you have in mind. Our expert contractors, installers and workers are dedicated to providing quality service and overall satisfaction. At Enrich, we are honored to welcome you home!

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