Why You Should Build a Home in Columbia, Missouri with EnRich Construction

Why You Should Build a Home with EnRich Construction Custom Home Builders in Columbia, Mo


Columbia, Missouri is often lovingly referred to as the ‘Athens of Missouri’. As a flourishing college town with growing business and art districts, this once agricultural center has become a Midwestern gem with lots to offer. Columbia is also home to some of the best healthcare centers in the region, including the University Hospital, and continues to make strides in research every year. Additionally, the city’s food, art, and music scenes are sophisticated and engaging. There’s always something going on in Columbia, or ‘CoMo’, as locals call it. This quirky city is the perfect place to build a home, further your career, and raise a family. But it’s not just a great place to live, it’s an ideal location to build your dream home. Looking for a home builder in Columbia, Mo? EnRich Construction is the local expert in home construction and renovation. We specialize in custom floor plans and building custom homes in Columbia, Mo. Give us a call to start building your dream home today! 


Perks of Living in Columbia 


Columbia is a growing city, and for good reason. CoMo boasts competitive cost of living, low crime rate, great public schools, a sophisticated cultural scene, and some of the best healthcare in the nation. Home to several institutions for higher education and a crossroads between the major midwestern cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, the influences of college life and the two cities have a strong impact on the culture and pace of Columbia. This city has all the best features of a small town but that doesn’t limit it in terms of modernity. Downtown Columbia is the epicenter of art and culture, but a short drive takes you out of the urban thralls and into the suburbs. There are also many historical neighborhoods in Columbia. Whether you desire a home with some charm or want to build your dream home from scratch, there are plenty of options in this city. In fact, Columbia, Missouri boasts one of the lowest costs of living for a mid-size, Midwestern city. Home values average $185,300, and rental properties average $825. This may seem expensive for Missouri, but it’s a steal compared to other major Midwestern cities like Chicago, especially when considering other costs such as transportation, groceries, and healthcare. Columbia has a variety of residential areas, so whether you’re looking for an apartment right amidst the downtown action or want to build a secluded ranch, you’re sure to find an area that suits your lifestyle. 

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A One-Of-A-Kind, Vibrant Town: Events and Things to Do in Columbia, Missouri 


Columbia, Missouri may be small, but there is no shortage of entertainment and excitement in this town. Home of the Missouri Tigers, this town never fails to gather on football Saturdays in the fall. Another event that gets the town buzzing is True/False film festival. The documentary film festival is held annually in March, and people from all over the world flock to mid-Missouri to see films and exclusive director commentaries. Many call it the ‘Second Homecoming’, as it draws just as much excitement and attendance as Mizzou’s Homecoming Weekend in the fall. While these two events are definitely highlights during the year, Columbia always has something going on. The Columbia Farmer’s Market is held every weekend, year round, and always draws a crowd. Columbia Farmer’s Market not only provides a fun Saturday hangout, but has also made strides in providing fresh, local food to more Columbia residents. First Friday is a monthly art crawl held in the North Village Arts District the first Friday of every month. Local galleries display art from all over while musicians play and conversations are shared. 


A Two-Wheel Kind of Town: Columbia, Missouri is a Nature-Lover’s Dream 


If you love a good weekend bike ride, hike, or a nature walk, Columbia is the town for you. Just minutes from downtown are a multitude of trails, including the famous MKT. Columbia is home to several state parks as well, including Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and Finger Lakes State Park. The University of Missouri campus is also home to two small parks: Peace Park and Francis Quadrangle. So, whether you’re a student on campus or a young family looking for a weekend trail destination, Columbia has plenty to offer. 


Shop Local: The Supportive Small Business Community in Downtown Columbia, Mo 


Columbia, Missouri is home to a vibrant and supportive small business community. From clothing boutiques to vintage shops and coffee shops, there are a multitude of locally owned businesses. Downtown Columbia is the hub for small businesses, but they extend to the rest of the town as well. The Downtown Community Improvement District, or ‘The District’, refers to the organization that keeps Columbia’s downtown district alive and well. The District is comprised of 50 square blocks and 600 businesses and is the heartbeat of downtown Columbia. 


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Discover Columbia, Missouri: A Town in Touch With its Roots 


From the Museum of Art and Archaeology to the J.W. Blind Boone Home and more, Columbia is a town that celebrates its history and remembers the legacy of its earliest residents. There are a variety of historical sites in Columbia, including the J.W. Blind Boone Home. This building houses the legacy of John W. “Blind” Boone, who overcame blindness, poverty, and discrimination to become a nationally famous concert pianist and composer. There’s also the Museum of Art and Archaeology is part of the UM system, and provides a learning space for students and the public through its collection of art. You can find more art history at the state capitol in Jefferson City, only a half-hour drive from Columbia. Thomas Hart Benton’s Pioneer Days and Early Settlers is a mural that adorns the walls inside the Capitol. 


Low Crime, Top Schools, and a Vibrant College Town: Columbia is the Ideal Place to Build a Custom Home in Missouri


Finding the perfect location to build a custom home can be difficult. You want to find an area that is safe, has great schools, and a unique culture. Columbia, Missouri has all of this and more, and for new and growing families, there couldn’t be a better place to call home. With top schools like Rock Bridge Senior High School, Mill Creek Elementary School, and Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School (not to mention the University of Missouri and other top colleges), Columbia has some of the best educational opportunities in Missouri. The Columbia Public Schools system has some of the best ratings for schools in Columbia, Mo. 


Additionally, Columbia has low crime rates. According to KOMU, ‘for the year of 2017, there were 610 incidents of violent crime according to the Columbia Police Department’s uniform crime reporting (UCR) statistics.’ This may seem like a lot, but it pales in comparison to St. Louis’ violent crime rate, which is in the thousands. 


The city itself has a distinct flavor. Because Columbia is home to the University of Missouri, Stephen’s College, and Columbia College, there is always the buzz of student life to keep things exciting and interesting. Because of the higher education institutions, there are people from all over the world that call Columbia home! The diverse population influences Columbia’s art and culture, meaning there is always something interesting to see and do. Who wouldn’t want to call this vibrant town home? 


Build a Custom Home in Columbia, Missouri with EnRich Construction


Building a custom home in Columbia, Missouri is simple with EnRich Construction. The custom home builders at EnRich Construction have the ability to see your vision and build something special that accommodates your timeline and budget. We’ve been building custom homes in Columbia for over a decade, and are one of the most trusted builders in the area. If you are a new or growing family, it’s a great time to build in Columbia! The low cost of living, great schools, and vibrant culture of this midwestern town are perfect for young families. Additionally, building a custom home allows you to choose details and updates that are most important to you. From energy efficiency to the materials used in your kitchen and bathrooms, you’ll be able to customize it all. If sustainability is important to you, building a custom home allows you to choose more energy efficient appliances, lighting, and more. Interested in building a custom home in Columbia, Mo with EnRich Construction? Give us a call today.


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